Hello! And welcome to NumbchuxConversions.com. The home for my efforts to see more people building the Subarus (and maybe more) that they want.

When doing a major engine swap, the most difficult part is the wiring. And obviously a crucial part too. So, I offer my experience and expertise to help others.

At the top of the page, you'll notice some links. Use these to see how it all started, what I can offer you, and the projects I've worked on so far. As well as my contact page, where you can find the best ways to get ahold of me.

Update (5/2/12): After a year or so of waffling about whether Iím going to keep this up or not. Iíve decided not to. My day job takes up too much time and commitment. And any of my free time is spent working on my own projects, and/or any of the 3 Ziptie Rally cars (#171 v2.0, #858 v1.0, and #858 v2.0). Follow us on Facebook

So, I will leave this information here, as it should make for some good reference for you. If you have a project that youíd like to run by me, you can feel free to email me. But I will not guarantee that I will get back to you. Your best bet is to submit your question to the public forums on Ultimate Subaru where many knowledgeable people can offer their insight. I am a regular poster there, so I will probably see your question too.

Thanks to everyone who I worked with over the years. There were some pretty cool projects, and Iím extremely glad to have been a part of them!!